2023 Spada Conference

SPADA COnference Montage

View photos from the 2023 Spada Conference HERE

Photos by Tareq Branny from HOWIE


Listen to audio recordings from the 2023 Spada Conference

Recordings from a number of sessions at the 2023 Spada Conference are now available, including:

  • The Economic & Cultural Value of Longevity - Proudly brought to you by Budget
  • The Fundamentals of the NZ Screen Production Rebate
  • Moving into the Green Zone 
  • Meet the Platforms
  • The Authenticity Quotient
  • Mahi Tahi
  • NZ ON AIR: The New Strategy in Action
  • Will AI Democratise Content Creation? 
  • NZFC Update
  • The Collision of Art & Commerce in the Unscripted Space - Proudly brought to you by Screen Wellington   

Listen via YouTube HERE, Spotify HERE or Apple Podcasts HERE


We had a fantastic time reconnecting with everyone at the Harbourside Function Center in Wellington during the 2023 SPADA Conference on November 16-17.

The conference began with a captivating and entertaining discussion between renowned filmmaker James Cameron and interviewer John Campbell.

James Cameron gave this year's NZ On Air John O'Shea Memorial Address with a fireside chat with Campbell. Cameron is a renowned director, writer, and producer, and has created some of the most unforgettable movies in the past forty years. 

Cameron is responsible for iconic films such as THE TERMINATOR, ALIENS, THE ABYSS, TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY, TRUE LIES, TITANIC, AVATAR, AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER, and the AVATAR sequels he is currently producing in New Zealand.

Other 2023 Conference highlights and announcements: 

  • The 25th annual Spada Screen Industry Awards - Winners HERE
  • The Images & Sound 40th Anniversary Cocktail Function
  • The 2023 South Pacific Pictures Big Pitch winner is DANNY AUMUA
  • Announcement of the Vincent Burke Scholarship (launching in 2024)
  • Plenary sessions included a look at The Importance and Value of Longevity with some of our sector’s legacy productions and companies, a look at the screen production rebate as well as panels with representatives from our funding bodies and our key platforms, and the Commissioners Roundtable; and
  • The Great Screenrights Lunch will close out day two of the Conference.

Thank you to all our Sponsors and Supporters for supporting the creation and production of this year's 2023 Spada Conference.