Spada Submissions

On behalf of its members, Spada advocates for a sustainable and successful screen production industry in New Zealand. Its primary role involves lobbying and promoting on behalf of its members through feedback, submissions, and opinions on different policies, guidelines, and legislation. Most recently, Spada has focused on the ANZPM Bill, the NZSPG Review, and the newly passed SIWB, which is now the SIWA.

Here are some of the submissions and feedback that Spada has provided over the years.


Spada/SKY/ANZSA/MPA Joint Submission on Guidelines on the Application of Competition Law to Intellectual Property Rights


ANZPM Bill (First Reading) Submission

MBIE/MCH Screen Sector Review/NZSPG Submission


MCH Longterm Insights Briefing - Screen Sector Response

Response to MCH Media Ecosystem Questionnaire

Combined Screen Guilds Submission_Wellbeing and Living Standards Framework



Written response to the Screen Industry Workers Bill  

Oral Submission on Screen Industry Workers Bill to the Education and Workforce Select Committee


Film and Music Sector Position Paper on Copyright Act 

Spada Submission on Copyright Act Review Issues Paper 

Joint Submission on Copyright Act Review Issues Paper

Submission to NZ On Air’s Platform Discussion Paper 

Spada/SKY/ANZSA/MPAA Joint Response to Discussion Paper on the Review of Section 36 of the Commerce Act

Submission to SSS2030 Facilitation Group

Public Media Advisory Submission

Response to NZFC NZSPG Fee Introduction Proposal

Response to NZ On Air Funding Strategy Document


Content Regulation Discussion
NZ On Air's Childrens' Content Funding Discussion Paper
NZSPG One Year Review 

NZ On Air Online Right
New Zealand Screen Production Grant Consultation Paper
New Zealand Film Commission Industry Consultation Paper: Short-Films 

NZ On Air Online-Rights and Public Access 
Entertainers Policy Review Follow-up Consultation

Documentary Funding Policy Paper
Television Programme Quotas - A Blueprint for New Zealand

Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Regulations 2011
Review of Immigration Policies for Temporary Workers in the Entertainment, Music, Film & TV Industries

TVNZ Amendment Bill
Law Commission Stage 4


SPIF Tax Amendment Submission
Section 92A Review Policy Proposal (Copyright)
BSA Draft Free to Air TV Code of Broadcasting Practice 
DOC 2009 Standard Operating Procedure: Guidelines for Managing Commercial Filming on Conservation Lands.  Presented by Film NZ, in assoc. with SPADA
Law Commission Issues Paper: Invasion of Privacy – Penalties and Remedies
Ministry of Justice Electoral Finance Reform – Issues Paper 

Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Negotiations with the USA
Policing Bill
Draft Revised Free-to-Air Television Code of Broadcasting Practice

MED Submission on the Large Budget Screen Production Grant Submission
MCH Cultural Diversity Convention
Retransmission of Free to Air Broadcasts
Response to Analogue Switch-off (ASO): Issues for Consideration
Police Act Review Sections 51 and 51A
Draft New Zealand Digital Content Strategy

MED Commissioning Rules

All of Guilds Letter to Ministers re New Zealand Film Fund Recapitalisation
Response to NZ Screen Council on Enhancements to Large Budget Screen Production Grant

Response to MCH Screen Funding Agency Review 
NZFC Draft Strategic Plan 2004-2007 Feedback

Joint Submission with Film NZ in response to the DOC Draft General Policies
Film Focus Group Response to the Screen Industry Taskforce Report
Key Issues Signature TV
Response to MED's Position Paper - Digital Technology and the Copyright Act 1994
SPADA Submission on the Screen Production Industry Taskforce
Tongariro National Park Draft Management Plan
Broadcasting in New Zealand - a 2003 Stock-take
Fiordland National Park Draft Management Plan
GATS Negotiations: Public Consultation on NZ's Approach to the next stage of the WTO Services Negotiations
Joint Submission from all Guilds in Response to the Draft Guidelines of the Large Budget Film Grants Scheme
Submission to Min. of Internal Affairs on the Govt's Administration Committee Inquiry on the Film Videos and Publications Act 1993

ABA - Content Standards Review
Aoraki Mt Cook National Park Draft MgMent Plan
Health and Safety in Employment Amendment Bill
Maori Television Bill
Mass Marketed Tax Schemes
MED Digital Television Discussion Paper
Mt Aspiring Discussion Paper
Resumed WTO Negotiations

Copyright Digital Technologies Submission
Gaming Reform in NZ
Inquiry into Operations of the Film Videos Classification Act 1993
Parallel Importing and the Creative Industries
Performers Rights Submission

Employment Relations Bill
Inquiry into NZ Economic and Trade Relationship with Australia
Proposed Treaty for the Protection of Audio/Visual Performance
Response to TVNZ Draft Charter