Spada Membership

Spada is proud to represent some of the most innovative and experienced producers in New Zealand. Here is a list of some of them, together with a link to websites where you'll find more detailed information about their projects and businesses, along with contact details.







AJ Films


Amanda Jenkins



Aristos Films Ltd


Grant Bradley



Aroha Productions Ltd


Victoria Dabbs



Atara Film


Robert Morgenstern



Attitude Pictures             

Robyn Scott-Vincent


AU 3 Projects Ltd


Graham Lauder





Cass Avery



Bloom Pictures


Alex Reed



Brigitte Yorke


Independent Producer



Breakdown Productions


Mike Minogue



BSAG Productions


Kerry Warkia and Kiel McNaughton



Butter Productions


Jack Nicol



Candlelit Pictures


Alix Whittaker



Caravan Carpark Films


Angela Cudd


Facebook Page



Centron Pictures


Kevin Stevens


Charlie Charlie Kilo

Katie Kempe


Chloe Smith


Independent Producer





Chocolate Fish Pictures


Alex Cole-Baker



Cinco Cine Film Productions

Nicole Hoey


Facebook Page



Curious Film


Matt Noonan



DJ Stories


David Jacobs



Due South Films


Scott Flyger



Electric Shoelace Productions


Jaimee Poipoi


Endeavour Ventures Ltd
John Barnett (ONZM)


Entertainment Partners Ltd


Stephen McKinnon


Fearless Productions Ltd

Carmen J Leonard & Deb Cope

Filmwork Ltd
Fiona Copland





Firefly Films


Emma Slade





James Moore



Flax Bay Co Ltd


Mike Smith



Fumes TV

Carthew Neal


Gainsborough Films


Craig Gainsborough



Garnet Media Group Limited


Irene Gottlieb



GFC Films


Matthew Metcalfe


Gibson Group


Gary Scott



Godmother Ltd


Annie Weston



Grant Roa


Independent Producer



Great Southern Film and Television


Philip Smith


Greenstone TV


Rachel Antony

Ground Control NZ
Mel Turner



Head South Cohort Limited


Antje Kulpe



Hinterland Creative Ltd


Sharon Menzies



Homegrown Pictures Ltd


Ahmed Osman



Irene Gardiner


Executive Producer



Jarl Devine


Independent Producer



Karen Loop


Independent Producer





Kevin and Co


Bronwyn Bakker



Krafty Productions


Verity Mackintosh



Kura Productions


Quinton Hita



Lamp Studios


Abbi Kingi

Libertine Pictures 
Richard Fletcher

Lightstorm Entertainment


Leanne Stavrakis



Lippy Pictures 


Donna Malane and Paula Bock 



Little Giant Limited


Sarah Spurway



Lucky Legs Media


Ramon Te Wake





Luke Nola & Friends


Luke Nola



Luna Films


Danielle White





Magnetic Pictures


Brian Holland



Meteorite Hunters


Ruslan Makeev

Minerva Productions 


Rebecca Tansley 



Miro Productions


Leah Mclean





Miss Conception Films


Georgina Conder





Karin Williams



Munchkin Films


Polly Fryer



Notable Pictures


Julia Parnell

NZ Documentary Board 


Paul Yates





One-Legged Seagull


Sarah Richards



Pop-Up Workshop


Jeremy Dillon



POW Studios


John McKay



Pukeko Pictures 


Martin Baynton


Pukeko Pictures



Rachel Daniels


Independent Producer



Ruckus Media


Arwen O'Connor



Sandy Lane Productions


Desray Armstrong



Screentime NZ Ltd


Philly de Lacey



Seane Roode


Independent Producer


Shoot First Productions

Alan Brash


Shoot New Zealand

Barbara Williams



Showdown Productions                          


Tracy Mika



Simon Bennett


Independent Producer





Sing Sang & Co Ltd


Briar Collard



Slater Films


Marg Slater



South Pacific Pictures


Kelly Martin



Sprinkles on Top


Antony Gusscott



Sweet Productions


Robyn Paterson



Sweetshop & Green


Sharlene George



The Brown Factory


Mario Gaoa



The Down Low Concept


Nigel McCulloch



Tomorrow, Rain Ltd


Thomas Coppell


Facebook Page



Trajectory Media


Naashon Zalk



Vendetta Productions


Jill Macnab



Wabi Sabi Media Group


Daniel Higgins

Whitebait Media


Janine Morrell-Gunn & Jason Gunn



WildBear NZ


Craig Meade

WingNut Films


Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh





Charlotte Hobson






Ara Institute of Canterbury


Richard Hansen



Avalon Studios


Gary Watkins 



Buddle Findlay


Philip Wood & Keri Johansson



Carson Fox Legal


Linda Fox



Crengle Shreves and Ratner


Julie Crengle



Gallagher (formerly Crombie Lockwood)


Sharlene MacDonald 



Digital Media Trust (NZ On Screen)


Stephanie Hopkins



Dusty Road


Bruce Everett



Emery Legal


Matt Emery



Film Bay of Plenty


Jade Kent



Images and Sound


Grant Baker



Karen Soich Law


Karen Soich



Lane Street Studios


Kristy Grant



Emery Legal


Matt Emery



Media Access Charitable Trust (Able)


Dan Buckingham



Media Tech Partners


Roger Shakes





Park Road Post


Jenna Udy



Ruth E. Harley & Associates


Ruth Harley



Screen Auckland


Jasmine Millet            



Screen Wellington


Tanya Black



Sinclair Black Entertainment Lawyers


Mick Sinclair



Sky Originals


Thomas Robins


Sky Open



Sophos Consulting Ltd


Andrew Shaw



Stephens Lawyers


Michael Stephens



The Public Good


Tamar Munch





Steve Barr





Phil Gore



Warner Bros Discovery NZ


Vicki Keogh





Patricia Watson