Rachale Davies

Producer & Director - Boxed Media

With a career in the screen industry that began at the age of 16, Rachale Davies (Ngāti Mahanga) has accumulated numerous credits in directing, development, and producing. Her journey commenced with homegrown scripted dramas before taking her to the UK, where she immersed herself in both theatre and television. During her time in the UK, Rachale worked for BBC, and has since worked across the globe for networks and media houses, including Australia's Seven Network, Fremantle Media, and TVNZ, and on a broad range of programming genres from Blue Peter, MKR, Bondi Rescue and The X Factor to unscripted content for digital and social media platforms, as well as award winning long-form documentaries. Rachale has received accolades for her work in producing and directing, including the Best Direction award from AACA for the documentary film, Miss Amazing.

Since forming Boxed Media in 2019, Rachale has remained steadfast in her commitment to uncovering stories from individuals who deserve a platform and media representation. Her dedication involves facilitating and supporting the telling of these narratives with authenticity and respect. Under the Boxed Media banner, she has undertaken diverse projects such as The Collective, News 2 Me, and This Is Wheel Life, a non scripted digital series that delves into the experiences of a young woman living with a physical disability and showcases the beauty of interabled friendships. Each of these projects resonates with her guiding kaupapa. 

Rachale joins 'THE AUTHENTICITY QUOTIENT' panel to offer insight for delegates on how to operate in this space in a way that creates space and amplifies the voices of disabled people.

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