Fenella Bowater

Production Manager & Producer - Whitebait Media

With only 5 years of experience in the television industry Fenella Bowater has had a diverse and quick rise to Producer on 'Brain Busters', a children's quiz show created by Whitebait Media.

After starting out with an internship at Sky Sport, Fenella quickly found she had a passion and a skill for organisation, and has allowed this to lead her into the world of television production. While working in London for IMG Studios’ European Tour golf team she found the art of organisation paired well with (implementing) environmental change and challenges. In 2023 Fenella was the Production Manager for Brain Busters, and through careful carbon tracking and lots of team tree planting, she was able to measure and then offset the estimated impact of the show.

Throughout each step in her career, Fenella has always had a passion for finding more efficient, effective, and environmentally focussed ways of working through production phases, to deliver results on screen and for the sustainability of our industry as a whole.

Fenella is speaking on the 'MOVING INTO THE GREEN ZONE' panel at the 2023 SPADA Conference.

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